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Considered to be professional grade felts, most popular choice within roofing merchants

Extruded polystyrene foam is a recognized heat insulating material for foundation and other constructions.



The comprehensive range of primers, mastics, coatings and compounds that provide a high quality waterproofing.


The SHINGLAS flexible bitumen tiles is a versatile roofing material widely applied in construction and repair work for any roof.


WonderVent is a 3 layer BBA approved breathable membrane with outstanding technical parameters and Zones 1-5 applicability.

WonderRIDGE is universal dry ridge system
suitable for clay, concrete and angle ridges.


The Firestop 20 Professional GRP System by Wonderbuilds brings innovative liquid roofing technology into the domestic market.

PIR Insulation Boards are a thermal insulating material of new generation which is used in flat and pitched roofing systems, basements, floors and facades.

WonderBuilds LiquidGuard is a single pack,high performance, seamless and cold-applied waterproofing membrane for flat roofs, pitched roofs and a waterproof coating to WonderBuilds built-up roof systems.