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Bituminous Single Layer Universal Membrane

Featuring the POLY ELAST RAPID-O, a single layer universal bituminous membrane. It has been specially designed to offer robust performance and versatile installation.

It provides a reliable and long-lasting waterproof solution. A fast-track method of overlaying existing roof coverings can be used with this product. In warm roof specifications, it can be used as a high performance, single-layer cap sheet. It is suitable for both new build and refurbishment, and has excellent low temperature flexibility at -25 °C.


POLY ELAST RAPID-O incorporates graphite firewall technology which actively prevents spread of flames on the roof should a fire occur. In addition, its inherent flexibility allows for effective application in a wide range of temperatures and gives the product innovative self-healing properties.


POLY ELAST RAPID-O not only offers flexibility in performance, but it also provides flexibility in application.

In overlay situations, the membrane can be quickly and easily torch-applied onto a wide range of non-combustible substrates. If client preference or project requirements dictate that naked flames are prohibited on site, the product can either be adhesive bonded or can simply be installed using a heat gun.

Where POLY ELAST RAPID-O is being used as part of a full warm roof system, it can be securely bonded to the insulation using an approved PU Adhesive.


The unique design of POLY ELAST RAPID-O means that it is far more than just a waterproofing solution.
The highly advanced membrane features rapid torch-on points on the underside which provide a reliable, strong bond to the substrate, whilst also allowing vapour pressure from the roof to be effectively equalised and controlled.


– Fire Protection
– Waterproofing
– Moisture Control


– Torch-Applied
– Hot Air Welded
– PU Adhesive Bonded


– Ideal for cost-effective, fast-track roof refurbishment
– Effective overlay solution for revitalising and waterproofing existing tired roofs
– Incorporates graphite firewall technology for the ultimate fire protection
– Diamond shaped channels on underside providing reliable, strong bond and roof moisture control
– Versatile methods of installation
– Can be torched to suitable combustible substrates
– Available with a 20-year guarantee

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Dina Vaisman and Kolleno

In this short video that our director, Dina Vaisman, recorded with Kolleno, Dina shares practical advice of how to utilise technology for your business, as well as other valuable advice regarding cash flow.

We would like to introduce our new WONDERBUILDS SA VB 600! It is a flexible reinforced SBS modified bitumen membrane. It is designed for use as a high-performance vapour barrier, perfect for metal profiled or plywood decking and in areas prone to increased temperatures and moisture levels (e.g., factories, swimming pools, gyms).

Product Features:

  • Flame free, self-adhesive application
  • Tough, mechanically resistant membrane
  • Simple, fast installation
  • Low temperature flexibility at -25°C
  • Aluminium faced
  • High repairability

Alternatively, you can view this link and view the TDS



In WonderBuilds we are constantly working on broadening the range of products we supply into the merchants, and we would like to introduce our new Fleece Underlay. It is a pre-fabricated waterproofing membrane made of distilled bitumen and plastomeric polymers (SBS) having a fiberglass reinforcement, which provide the membrane with excellent dimensional stability.

Product Features:

  • Flow resistance at high temperature 120°C
  • Low temperature flexibility at -10°C
  • SBS modified bitumen coating formulated to ensure high performance
  • Upper Surface Fleece

Alternatively, you can view this link and view the TDS



Here at WonderBuilds, we aim to consistently offer our usual level of service whilst navigating these unprecedented times. However, we have had to make some changes to keep in line with current Government guidance.

The latest national lockdown encourages the continued operation of construction and manufacturing industries, as well as associated businesses. Therefore, this means we can carry on supporting you throughout your journey with us, albeit slightly differently.

Our team is working from home for the foreseeable future, but this doesn’t mean we are not here for you. Our usual communication lines remain operational, whether that be through emailing/calling us or contacting us on social media.

Our sales team are also working from home, but when they do visit worksites, in order to keep themselves and you safe, they:

  • Wear personal-protective equipment
  • Use hand sanitiser
  • Follow guidance on social distancing
  • Do not shake hands

You can rest assured that the normal operation of our warehouses and deliveries is our highest priority, so that your orders will be delivered safely and on time.

We will sustain and adapt these heightened COVID-19 measures if and when required so check back here for updates. In the meantime, stay safe and healthy.

Dina Vaisman, co-founder of WonderBuilds shares a story of how two fresh graduates started a business turning into a nationwide distribution operations.

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Firestop20 Professional GRP

When it comes to flat roof replacements, our Firestop20 Professional GRP offers unrivalled performance at exceptional value, here are some of the features and benefits of the product:

  • Firestop20 has a 20 Year Guarantee
  • FireSTOP20 LABC approved for ensured compliance with building regulations
  • FireSTOP20 has been specifically developed for the purpose of flat roofing – unlike many other general purpose resins in the marketplace. Which takes various weather conditions into consideration and allows for a longer lifespan and durability of the product.
  • FireSTOP20 has been fire tested and has the highest rating a flat roof system can get, allowing for unrestricted use under UK regulations.
  • FireSTOP20 is modified for low styrene emission – which means a lower odour
  • Firestop 20 can provide an ideal waterproofing base for green roofs.
  • FireSTOP20 is ideal for vertical applications
  • Fast curing – can be walked on 30-60 minutes after application

WonderRidge Dry Ridge Kit

Our unique universal dry ridge kit WonderRIDGE is suitable for concrete, clay and angled ridges, is quick and easy to install and complies with the newest British Standard BS8612. Each box contains:

  • 1 x 6m ventilated ridge roll
  • 10 x Ridge brackets
  • 20 x Ridge union seals
  • 20 x 100mm stainless steel fixing screws and washers

WonderRIDGE is UV stable, water resistant and highly durable as well as lightweight, safe and easy to handle.


WonderBuilds full range of products

In WonderBuilds we are constantly working on broadening the range of products we supply into the merchants and below are our current product categories:

  • APP and SBS torch-on felts with guarantees from 10 to 25 years, CE and BBA certificates
  • Pour & Roll bitumen felts
  • Bitumen Primers and Mastics
  • Bitumen shingles in hexagonal, square and round shape of cut in a variety of colours
  • Breathable membranes that vary from 100gsm to 160gsm
  • Universal dry ridge kit WonderRIDGE that is suitable for clay, concrete and angled ridges
  • FireSTOP20 professional GRP that is LABC approved, has a 20 year guarantee and is fire retardant.

WonderBuilds New BBA Announcement

An update on a very important development that has recently happened. As you know at WonderBuilds we take quality and delivery very seriously so recently we have received BBA certificate for Mida Standard SBS underlay and Bipol Standard SBS mineral. It’s with a matter of pride that we share this because it makes sure that the products are compliant with Building Regulations in England, Wales, Scotland and NI, have a service life in excess of 20 years and a fire rating classification Broof(T4). It is a great addition to the range of products which are already BBA certified like Technoelast SBS mineral and underlay and Technoelast APP 180 mineral and underlay.


4 Reasons to buy WonderVent breather membranes

We are confident there has to be a strong reason for clients to buy from us – it is all about generating value and communicating that value to our customers. Here are 4 reasons why we believe WonderVent breather membranes are the best membranes in the market:

  1. All WonderVent breather membranes are BBA certified
  2. All WonderVent breather membranes have outstanding wind uplift resistance
  3. All WonderVent breather membranes have excellent water-vapour transmission which provides high breathability of membrane
  4. All WonderVent breather membranes have the best and highest tensile strength, elongation and tear resistance