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Full Description

TECHNOELAST VB 500 SELF is a flexible reinforced SBS modified bitumen membrane, designed for use as a high performance vapour barrier, and is ideal for use on either metal profiled or plywood decking and in areas prone to increased temperatures and moisture levels (e.g. factories, swimming pools, gyms). The bottom of membrane is protected with an easily removable siliconised film, while the top surface is covered with aluminium foil.

WonderBuilds SA Primer is a critical part of the system and must be used in conjunction with VB500 to all substrates. Giving a full bond to both substrates and detailing areas.


Product Features

  • Flame free, self-adhesive application
  • Tough, mechanically resistant membrane
  • Simple, fast installation
  • Low temperature flexibility at -25°C
  • Aluminium faced
  • High repairability

All Self-Adhesive products should be laid in conjuction with Self-Adhesive primer.