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WonderBuilds LiquidGuard 13 Litres


Full Description

WonderBuilds LiquidGuard is a single pack,high performance, seamless and cold-applied waterproofing membrane for flat roofs, pitched roofs and a waterproof coating to WonderBuilds built-up roof systems.

Once cured, it provides seamless waterproof protection,making it suitable for use in all climates. WonderBuilds LiquidGuard does not brittle with age. It is a moisture curing polyurethane system that can cure under water without gassing or foaming. It also becomes quickly resistant to rain damage without loss or performance.



WonderBuilds LiquidGuard can be used on a range of substrates and is suitable for refurbishment or new build construction projects.

  • Can be used for roofs displaying complex detail areas, even when accessibility is limited.
  • Delivers cost efficient life cycle extension of failing roofs.