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PIR Board with Facing of Aluminum Foil


Full Description

PIR THERMAL INSULATION BOARDS is a thermal insulating material of new generation made of rigid PIR (polyisocyanurate), which is used in flat and pitched roofing systems, basements, floors and facades. Being very rigid and perfectly flat, PIR is an ideal substrate for roofing materials, especially for synthetic membranes. PIR has high compressive strength and a very low thermal conductivity value of 0.022 W/m*K. More than 95% of PIR consists of closed cells. PIR board does not absorb water. It maintains stable parameters for a long period of time.


Thermal conductivity, W/m²K 0,022
Reaction to fire Class E
Thickness, mm 30-150 in steps of ten
Board sizes, mm 1200×600, 2400×1200
Compressive strength CS(10\Y)150 ≥ 150
Water permeability – short term water absorption WS(Р)0.1
Water permeability – flatness after one sided wetting FW2 ≤5