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Roofing Felt Adhesive 22

Application areas

Adhesive mastic #22 is used for adhesion of roll-fed bitumen, polymer-bitumen roofing and waterproofing materials (without film) to concrete, metal, sandy-cement and other surfaces.

Description of material

Mastic is a multicomponent material consisting of bitumen, modified by polymer, fillers, solvent and technological additives. This fire-free installation method allows for combining the advantages of roofs made of roll-fed materials and seamless solid mastic roofs. The waterproofing material when installed on mastic cannot be “burnt through”. The use of mastic also provides for the ability to install materials on combustible types of bases.

Method of application

Adhesive mastic #22 is distributed on the base by a toothed putty knife or special comb. Mastic surface coverage : 0.8–1.8 kg per 1 m.

Property Mastic 22
Tin sizes (KG) 10
Strength of adhesion to the base, MPa, not less than with concrete 0,6
with metal 0,45
Strength of adhesion between layers, MPa, not less than roll-fed material — roll-fed material 0,3
roll-fed material — concrete 0,3
Shear strength of glued bond, kN/m, not less than 4
Mass fraction of non-volatile substances, %, not less than 70
Heat endurance, °С, not less than 95