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We understand the impact that our line of work might have on the environment in case of carelessness. We take these issues very seriously when supplying to our clients on a daily basis.


  • All plants that produce our materials are subjected to state environmental appraisal at their design stage
  • All industrial sites are monitored daily
  • We invest in waste-free production, advanced equipment, and environmental protection technologies
  • Use recycled material to reduce waste from roofing materials
  • Minimize the amount of waste through our roofing and insulation materials and their distribution
  • All products meet sanitary and environmental standards and are safe for human beings and the environment
  • Ensure that water and energy are not used unnecessarily to distribute, store, or produce our roofing and insulation materials

All roofing and insulation materials and solutions supplied by WonderBuilds are developed according to the principle wastelessness.