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Quick Dry Bitumen Primer 03

Application areas

Polymer-bitumen primer #3 is used for processing the surfaces of framework of bridges before the installation of waterproofing materials, prime-coating of sandy-cement, concrete and other surfaces before installation of welded-on, self-adhesive roofi ng and waterproofing materials.

Description of material

Polymer-bitumen primer #3 consists of a solution of oil bitumen, polymers and adhesive additives in organic solvents. The material has a short drying time and reliably protects the metal surface against corrosion before installation of the waterproofing layer. After the waterproofing installation, the adhesive strength of the welded-on material to the base increases.

Method of application

The primer is applies by using large and small paint brushes, rollers or an airless spraying unit. Primer surface coverage — 0.20–0.30 l/m2 (1 l of primer per 3.5-5 m2).


Store in dry place protected against sunlight at a temperature between –20°C and +30°C. Guaranteed storage period — 12 months.

Reliably protects the surface from corrosion

Enhances the material’s adhesion to the base

Can be used in sub-zero temperatures


Property Primer #03
Tin sizes (L) 3/10/20
Drying time 10 min
Mass fraction of non-volatile substances, % 25-30
Drying time at 20°C, h, no more than 10
Relative viscosity, s, in the range 10-30